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Sports Bets

The only thing more exhilarating than watching the events of a sporting competition unfold is the added excitement that is generated by creating some action on its eventual outcome through a timely placed sports bet. With both college football and the NFL in full gear and the college basketball season tipping- off, there is no better time in the sports betting industry to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Sportsbooks centralized in three main hubs; Las Vegas, offshore, and the UK are fully equipped to help you place your sports bets through both brick and mortar facilities or convenient and easy to use online services. The entire sports betting industry has been transformed over the past decade through all the technological advances that have made placing sports bets as easy as clicking a button on your computer or phone.

Just about every major sportsbook in the industry offers a round-the-clock sports betting service either online or through a toll-free phone line. They also offer a full array of methods to deposit and withdrawal funds to ensure that every transaction remains safe and secure. The most important service they offer is the ability to bet on just about every major sporting event around the globe. They routinely post and update odds on these events as well as accept sports bets right up until they get underway.

When it comes to actually placing your sports bets the most common starting point is the point spread that the odds makers create between one side and the other in a particular matchup. This is used to place a bet on one side or the other with the favorite giving the points to the underdog. If you bet on the side of the favorite and it wins by more points than the spread, you win as well. If you place a bet on the underdog, as long as it does not lose by more points than the spread, you win. The majority of the sports bets placed today revolve around this simple concept, but by no means are they limited to just this type of action. There are a variety of sport bets you can place with a sportsbook that are often only limited by your imagination. The more sophisticated the book, the greater variety of betting options they will offer.

For most major sports another popular sports bet revolves around the use of a money line that odds makers set for a particular contest. In this type of sports bet, the starting point is 100. There is no point spread for the game and the favorite is assigned a negative number and the underdog will be assigned a number higher than 100. For example, the money line for a NFL game would be listed as follows:

Philadelphia Eagles +190
New York Giants -230

In this scenario, if you place a sports bet on the Giants and they win, you win 100. If they lose you owe 230 since they were the favorite. Visa versa, if your place a sports bet on the Eagles and they win, you would collect 190. If the Eagles lose you only owe 100 since they were the underdogs.

Another popular sports bet for most major sports is the total line. For this type of bet the odds makers set a number for the combined final score of the game. You can then place a bet on whether the actual score stays ‘under’ the total or goes ‘over’. Many times the posted line with have a half point to ensure the game does not end as a ‘push’ or tie. This type of sports bet is most popular with football and basketball, but it is also available for other popular betting sports such as baseball and hockey.

Some of the other popular sports bets that the sportsbooks will offer are parlays, teasers and pleasers, proposition bets, and futures. Of all of these, the most popular is probably the parlay. The starting point for a parlay is the point spread, but for this type of sports bet you actually combine on two or more games into a single wager. The basic premise behind this sports bet is that every team you pick must win or the entire bet is lost. The attractive part of this type of bet is that the more games you combine in the parlay the bigger the payout if you win. The actual payout odds will tend to vary from one book to another, but as a general rule they would look like the following:

  1. 2 teams- 13/5
  2. 3 teams- 6/1
  3. 4 teams- 10/1
  4. 5 teams- 25/1
  5. 6 teams- 40/1
  6. 7 teams- 75/1
  7. 8 teams- 150/1
  8. 9 teams- 300/1
  9. 10 teams- 700/1
  10. 11 teams- 1,100/1
  11. 12 teams- 1,800/1

While it may be tempting to combine a high number of teams in anticipation of a high payout, the degree of difficulty in cashing-in on a parlay dramatically increases with each additional team you add.

A teaser bet is an added twist on a parlay in that it allows you to adjust the point spread in each game in your favor. The most common bet is the two-team teaser which gives you a lead way of six additional points in football and four points in basketball to the existing line for both games. Once again, the payouts increase with each additional team you add, but they are not nearly as high as the return on a regular parlay. A pleaser actual moves the point spread in the other direction away from your favor. The main attraction of this type of sports bet is the action it creates through an inflated payout grid, but they are not designed for the faint of heart.

Propositions or prop bets are a sports bet that is placed on the outcome of a particular aspect of a sporting event. The biggest event for this type of bet is the Super Bowl, where you can bet on anything from the outcome of the coin toss to whether or not the person singing the National Anthem hits the high note. They are just another way to add both action and excitement to a game.

Futures involve using set odds to bet on the outcome of an event that could be days, weeks, or even months away. A common example would be betting on which team will win its sport’s championship well before the season has even started. Odds to win next season’s Super Bowl are often released just weeks (sometimes days) after this season’s game has been played.

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